Facebook Comments Box Advantage

Facebook Comments Box Advantage
Facebook Comments Box is a great social plugin that fortunately now works just perfect with blogger. One should be ware of the advantages of all tools he is planning to use to make his web experience a more favorable one. For webmasters like us traffic is the fruit of our hard work and to get this fruit we try all possible methods. In our last post we discussed about how to add Facebook comments Box to Blogger blog and today we will explain 9 most important advantages of using this great social plugin.

  1. Simple Authentication: Facebook comment box makes it easy to comment for your visitors. No more typing in the same name, email address, website URL in the comment box. If a visitor is already logged into his Facebook account, they can simply type in the comment and hit the “Publish” button. That’s it!
  2. Social Relevance: The second advantage is the social feature. Whenever someone posts a comment on your website, the comment is instantly shared on the person’s Facebook profile, which is good for both the user and the owner of the website. The visitor shares his comment and views within his social circle while the site owner gets some free publicity and traffic.
  3. Moderation and Spam Control: Facebook comments can be moderated from Facebook apps dashboard and you can selectively delete specific comments which you don’t want to show. Other features include blacklisting specific words or phrases and it’s no wonder that Facebook will roll out more advanced comment moderation and notification in the coming days. And since posting a comment using Facebook’s comment form would expose who you are, spammers and link brokers would have a tough day spamming the comments section of your blog with irrelevant comments.
  4. Multiple Platforms Commenting Option: Your visitors no more need to log into blogger or create an open ID. They can comment using their Facebook account, Hotmail, AOL or Yahoo. Almost every online user in the world uses at least one of these services. So you visitors are provided with multiple options to post their comments.
  5. Threaded Comments: Your blog readers no more need to feel neglected because you no more need to reply them all at once. Rather you can pay them proper attention by replying to each reader under their comments. This way a comment thread is set up which further makes the conversation more useful and fun!
  6. Comment With Profiles: You can now happily turn off the "Anonymous" comment option by going to Blogger > Settings > Comments. The users as I said can use any of their ID to leave a comment so you really no need to worry about who is commenting!
  7. Delete Comments Easily Without Leaving Window: In Blogger comment form to delete a comment you need to click the trash icon and the you are taken to a separate window where you select the option of deleting the comment permanently. But With Facebook comment box you delete comments just the way you delete comments on your Facebook profile. With a click of a mouse!
  8. All links are by default no follow: The links left on your comment box are by default tagged as nofollow and according to the Facebook developers search engine robots cannot crawl the content of your comments as the plugin is enclosed inside a iframe where robots cannot enter to crawl data. This way the quality of your content in the eyes of search engines will increase because the robots will have to crawl only the body of your posts and not the distracting comments.
  9. Comments Insight: Track Comments Box performance stats with Facebook Insights..